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Name of project: HiLASE: New lasers for industry and research
Applicant: Institute of Physics ASCR, v.v.i.
Project cost/funding ERDF 851,422,967 CZK/ 799,955,260 CZK
Place of realization: Dolní Břežany (Central Bohemia Region)
Period of realization: 2011-2015
Support provider: European Commission/Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Funding title: OP RDI, appeal 1.2, priority axis 2
Date of support provision: 29. 8. 2011

Brief description of the project:

The main goal of the HiLASE project is to develop laser technologies having breakthrough technical parameters. In general, those lasers will be significantly more powerful and efficient, more compact, more stable and more easily maintained than the currently available technology.

The HiLASE project focuses on development high-repetition lasers and laser systems that will find use in industry, in small- and medium-scale research laboratories and in the future European large-scale facilities that will be part of the European Research Area (ERA). The project will specifically focus on diode pumped solid state laser systems (DPSSLs) and on the development of associated technologies.

The HiLASE laser center with these parameters will be unique not only in the Czech Republic but also in Europe. This brings new opportunities for European research and for companies that will be able to benefit and contribute to applying these new technologies.

The project has great application potential in the commercial sphere. Outputs of the project will be used e.g. for micro-machining technologies, testing resistance of optical materials, cutting, welding, removal of deposits and laser peening.


In the framework of the HiLASE project, the following research programmes will be realized:


  1. Construction of new building
  2. Purchase, development and installation of technologies and other equipment
  3. Establishment of organizational structure/ creation of new jobs
  4. Implementation of research programmes/ activities
  5. Cooperation with users of R&D results
  6. Involvement of students and graduates in the project

Key outputs:

HiLASE building consisting of a two-story laser hall and a three-story administrative part. From technological outputs, the following functional modules are crucial: