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Research Programs

The main goal of the HiLASE project is to create a national platform for research and development of new laser technologies having breakthrough technical parameters. In general, those lasers will be significantly more powerful and efficient, more compact, more stable and more easily maintained than the currently available flashlamp technology.

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The HiLASE project focuses on research and development high-repetition lasers and laser systems that will find use in industry, in research laboratories, and particularly in large scale laser facilities such as ELI Beamlines (Extreme Light Infrastructure) planned to be realized in the Czech Republic. The project is specifically focused on diode pumped solid state laser systems (DPSSLs) and on the development of associated technologies. Two technological concepts for DPSSLs will be explored within HiLASE:

  1. thin-disk amplifiers to reach kW average output power, and
  2. multi-slab amplifiers to reach high output pulse energy at 10 Hz scalable to kJ regime.

Laser systems with these technical parameters are not commercially available and thus will be unique not only in Czech Republic but also worldwide.

Once commissioned in the HiLASE center these lasers will primarily enable:

  1. research relevant to testing of new dielectric optical components with high-damage threshold for high-energy and high average power laser systems, preparing new pumping lasers for OPCPA (optical parametric chirped pulse amplification) based laser systems which will be implemented at the future large scale laser facilities such as ELI or HiPER, and driving high-repetition-rate/high-yield secondary photon sources, and
  2. industrial applications related to efficient processing of materials used in aircraft engines and turbines, gear components welding, ablative removal of thin layers from solar cells, car body soldering, cutting of optically transparent materials, antiques cleaning, laser peening and cutting, testing of efficient laser diodes and cooling systems.