Thin Disk Lasers

PERLA A is a cryogenically-cooled disk picosecond laser delivering up to 1 J of pulse energy. PERLA B and PERLA C are CPA-based thin-disk laser systems operating at room temperature and able to generate up to 0.5 kW and pulse duration <2 picoscond (PERLA C), or 100 Hz/10 kHz bursts of picosecond pulses with total energy of 0.5 J (PERLA B, expected value after installation of a multipass amplifier). PERLA D is an hybrid laser system under construction with a fiber front-end and solid-state power amplifiers generating ultrashort laser pulses at 2.1 um with target pulse energy >300 mJ.

Team members:

Jiří Mužík (Team Leader), Pawel Sikocinski (PERLA A), Martin Cimrman (PERLA B), Jiří Mužík, Huang Zhou (PERLA C), Jaroslav Huynh (PERLA D), Yuya Koshiba, Radek Pobořil.