HiLASE at International Engineering Fair in Brno

Jubilee 55th International Engineering Fair (MSV), the leading industrial trade fair in Central Europe, took place between 7th  and 11th October 2013 in Brno. As HiLASE laser center aims at engineering and high-tech industry, the event was a great opportunity to establish new partnerships and talk about various applications of our laser technologies. HiLASE participation was supported by its service organization CITT – Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer. The centre assists HiLASE and ELI Beamlines projects and it is offerinng the direct utilization of their scientific/research equipment and technology. 1551 exhibiting companies from 28 countries were present and the share of of foreign participants reached  46 percent. The participation of leading European and world producers also testified that the Czech and Central European market with high industrial potential remains a very attractive sales market. Attendance remained at the same level as last year and the estimations are that some 75 000 people saw the exhibition, the vast majority of them are professionals from various industries.