Delegation from South Korea visited the HiLASE Centre

On August 24th, a delegation from South Korea came to visit the HiLASE Centre to establish international collaboration on laser development and laser processing of materials.

After an introduction by the HiLASE Head (Dr. Tomáš Mocek), guests Prof. Joohan Kim (Seoul National University of Science and Technology, SeoulTech) and Prof. Sung-Hak Cho (Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials, KIMM) presented their activities. Then, they were introduced to the activities of the Business Development team (presented by the MSc. Sanin Zulić), the Department of Scientific Laser Applications (Prof. Bulgakova), its theoretical support activities (presented by Dr. Thibault Derrien), and the Department of Industrial Laser Applications (presented by Dr. Petr Hauschwitz).

The visit was fruitful and promising for the development of scientific and industrial partnerships in the development of microelectronics, both at the level of theory and laser system development.

Korea visit
From left to right: Dr. Yoann Levy, Dr. Inam Mirza, Dr. Thibault J.-Y. Derrien, Prof. Nadezhda M. Bulgakova, Prof. Sung-Hak Cho, Dr. Tomáš Mocek, Prof. Joohan Kim, Dr. Petr Hauschwitz, and MSc. Sanin Zulić