Laser technology for the modern glass industry

Our colleague Petr Hauschwitz, leader of the laser micromachining team, attended the conference Glass Producing Machines and Metals in Glass Technologies, held at the Department of Glass Machines and Robotics at TUL Faculty of Mechanical Engineering on Wednesday 6 September. In his presentation on Laser Technologies for the Modern Glass Industry, he presented the HiLASE Centre’s cutting-edge laser technologies in the field of glass processing and transparent dielectrics and their importance for innovation in the glass industry.

Peter’s main focus was on efficient glass processing and structuring, including specific laser beam shaping techniques and the use of Bessel lenses to efficiently solve problems associated with traditional mechanical glass processing. He also focused on multi-beam B-TGV technology and its applications. Specific case studies from various hi-tech fields were also very useful, including the creation of surface microstructures to improve copper adhesion in quantum chip fabrication, engraving for improved surface roughness and post-processing, or the fabrication of microfluidic chips and microstructures into moulds for moulding precision optical elements.