Efficient Laser Micromachining

The efficient micromachining based on HiLASE Centre laser systems with parameters ranging from ultraviolet (UV) to mid-infrared (IR) in wavelength, nanoseconds to picoseconds in pulse duration, will be developed on new principles of multi beam scanning and beam shaping techniques.
We aim to establish rapid fabrication of nano and microstructures to create functional surfaces for wide range of industrial fields such as bio-medical (anti-bacterial surfaces, bio-compatible surfaces), automotive (self-cleaning, anti-corrosion, friction reduction), aircraft industry (anti-icing, drag reduction, water repellent) and many more.
Other micromachining applications involve efficient cutting, drilling and marking of metals, plastics, ceramics, brittle materials and composites with dimensions down to 1 µm while minimizing heat affected zone (HAZ) effects.
The laboratory is equipped with state of the art material characterization devices such as contact angle measuring device, microscopy (optical, confocal and scanning electron microscopy) and XRD.

Team members: Ing. Petr Hauschwitz, Ph.D., MBA, Ing. Radka Bičišťová


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