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New HiLASE websites comming soon

Added 05. 02. 2019 to category Nezařazené

At the moment we are preparing new HiLASE websites for you. More information comming soon.


HiLASE deputies at the kick off meeting of the iQonic project

Added 09. 01. 2019 to category News

Funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program for Research and Innovation, the iQonic project has officially started. iQonic, acronym of Innovative strategies, sensing and process Chains for increased Quality, reconfigurability and recyclability of Manufacturing Optolectronics, gathers some of the main European players in the field of technologies for the optoelectronics assembly and manufacturing. Optoelectronics is the technology concerned with the application of electronic devices to the sourcing, detection and control of light. Electronic devices are made of materials, like semiconductors, that interact with the light through its quantum mechanical effect and can convert electric energy into light or, conversely, can detect light and transform it into equivalent electrical signals. iQonic aims to offer a scalable zero-defect manufacturing platform covering the overall process chain of optoelectrical parts and components.

20181026 iQonic kick off meeting

The project gathers seventeen partners from the EU, representing both industry and academia and will last 42 months and provides for a total budget of almost 8 million €. The European Commission expects that the technologies developed thanks to this funding can be applied in all optoelectronics manufacturing plants, increasing their efficiency and flexibility and reducing the production costs through recycled components.
The 26th October the kick-off meeting was held in Brussels, laying the foundations for the start of the research activities. Here you can find more information about the iQonic project.

The Institute of Physics introduces its new logo

Added 18. 12. 2018 to category News

FZU-C-EN-RGBStarting with the new year, the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences is going to start using a new logo . The Institute of Physics has changed its face after more than 10 years. The central motif is the symbol of the eye (seeing, knowing) with the symbol of the physical world. You can read the entire story about creating a new logo here. The new logo and graphic manual can be downloaded here.

Top Israeli lecturers share their experiences in Dolní Břežany

Added 21. 11. 2018 to category News, Nezařazené

At the HiLASE Laser Center, a Czech-Israeli Workshop on Innovation and Entrepreneurship is just in progress. Nine top Israeli lecturers will be throughout the week of 19th – 23rd November 2018 educating thirty representatives of the academic community and technology transfer from CTU and research centers from the STAR region – ELI Beamlines, HiLASE and Biocev . The program is coordinated by an experienced Israeli mentor and entrepreneur Oren Simanian. One of the lecturers is Professor Simon Litsyn, a world-renowned expert in electrical engineering and computer science, who has over 60 registered patents. At M Systems, he was at the origin and development of a USB flash drive. He is the founder of one of Israel’s most successful start-up companies – StoreDot, which specializes in battery development. He has long been teaching and mentoring. The event takes place under the auspices of the Embassy of the State of Israel in Prague and aims to develop specific opportunities for cooperation between research institutions and the commercial sphere.

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European delegation in the HiLASE centre

Added 26. 10. 2018 to category Nezařazené

DSCN7636 On Friday 26 October 2018, the delegation of representatives of the European Union countries visited the HiLASE and ELI Beamlines Laser Centers in Dolní Břežany, among others, for example the Ambassador of Finland, Sweden and Slovakia. In the HiLASE centre, the delegation was guided by dr. Tomas Mocek, Head of the center, and dr. Jan Brajer, who presented to European representatives the application possibilities of Laser Shock Peening for industry.

DSCN7631 DSCN7645

Visit of Jean-Eric Paquet in Dolni Brezany

Added 26. 10. 2018 to category News

On Thursday, 25 October 2018, the laser centres in Dolni Brezany were visited by Jean-Eric Paquet. European Director General for Research and Innovation discussed the possibilities of the European Commission´s support of the HiLASE Centre of Excellence in the post-Teaming era. After the delegation had visited ELI Beamlines research facilities, they proceeded with visiting the LSP (Laser Shock Peening) laboratory in order to gain experience with the industrial applications of laser technologies developed by HiLASE. Finally, at the roundtable discussion with stakeholders, Mr Jean-Eric Paquet presented the draft of the 9th EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon Europe (2021-2027).


Great success of the 3rd Annual HiLASE workshop

Added 26. 10. 2018 to category News

On October 14-17, 2018, the 3rd Annual HiLASE workshop took place at Chateau Clara Futura, Dolni Brezany. To highlight HiLASE mission “Superlasers for the Real World”, each session was launched by a globally recognized Keynote Speaker. The participants had a chance to enjoy inspiring lectures by prof. Wolfgang Kautek (University of Vienna, Austria), Dr. Arnold Gillner (Fraunhofer-Institut für Lasertechnik, Germany), Dr. Enam Chowdhury (Ohio State University, USA) or Dr. Kurt J. Weingarten (Lumentum Operations, Switzerland). The workshop presented broad application potential of HiLASE Centre, described the scientific & industrial opportunities, and highlighted HiLASE recent achievements as well as future capabilities in the development of customized high average power lasers. The event provided great opportunity for discussions of technological bottlenecks, preparation of joint R&D projects, commercialization of results, and networking.

You can find more about the 3rd Annual HiLASE workshop at: hilaseworkshop.cz.

DSC_0318 DSC_0141 DSC_0205DSC_0129DSC_0347

ICPEPA-11 Poster Award for PhD Student Marek Stehlík

Added 03. 10. 2018 to category News

On September 9, 2018, the RP4 team members Prof. Alexander V. Bulgakov, Dr. Thibault Derrien and PhD student Marek Stehlík traveled to Vilnius, Lithuania to participate in the 11th International Conference on Photo-Excited Processes and Applications (ICPEPA-11). The program of the Conference was focused on fundamental and application aspects of laser-matter interaction, such as highly efficient laser ablation, pulsed laser deposition, 3D printing, bio-medicine, nanotechnologies, laser generation of nanoparticles and some other topics. Over 160 presentations by researchers from more than 20 countries were reported at the Conference. All presentations of the HiLASE scientists had attracted attention of many scientists and representatives of industrial enterprises.

2018_10_03 Marek Stehlík award

Marek Stehlík presented his poster “Investigation of large-area femtosecond laser-induced periodic surface nanostructuring of metals”. This work was performed in an efficient cooperation between the HiLASE center in Dolní Břežany and the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology in Vilnius. In the work, a systematic study of single and multishot laser irradiation of molybdenum and titanium was carried out with imprinting LIPSS structures on large surface areas. The poster has attracted a strong interest of the conference participants. As a result of the quality of work, clarity in presentation, and demonstration of personal knowledge in poster discussions, Marek was awarded by a Conference Jury with the 2nd diploma for the ICPEPA Outstanding Student Poster Presentations.

Chair of ICPEPA-11 Gediminas Raciukaitis and Marek Stehlík, PhD student of the HiLASE center.


Oxford prof. Simon Hooker in the HiLASE center

Added 26. 09. 2018 to category News

IMG_20180905_121109239On the 5th September the HiLASE center hosted a visit of Prof. Simon Hooker from the Department of Physics at Oxford University. Prof. Hooker has discussed with Dr. Mocek and Dr. Lucianetti on common research
interests in the area of laser matter interactions, especially regarding Open Access for joint future experiments at HiLASE. More interesting details about the work of Prof. Hooker and his research teams can be found here.



Mexican guests visited HiLASE – topic: Bridging the gap between industry and research

Added 30. 08. 2018 to category News

DSCN7477On July 27th, 2018, Teresa Quintana, the Director of Innovation Center for the Acceleration of Economic Development of Jalisco (Mexico) and two of her colleagues from the Technological Institute Mario Molina, Joel Salcedo and Priscila Espinosa, visited with Simon Hutchinson, the Innovation and Business Development Manager at HiLASE. During the visit, Teresa and her colleagues were given a tour of the research lab and shown the various stages of laser system development, as well as some of the applications HiLASE enables with its laser development. Topics such as bridging the gap between industry and research were discussed, as well as a sharing of experiences in the innovative and start-up spheres. The visit was organized in cooperation with Central Bohemian Innovation Center (SIC) represented by Mrs. Athziri Moreno, Head of Strategic Interventions and International Cooperation Department and Martina Vicudilikova, RIS 3 Developer.