Laser Safety is our top priority.

Laser Safety

The properties of a laser beam can be excellent for an application and, at the same time, present a hazard to the person working with or near the laser.

When working with lasers, all employees must be aware of hazards not only of laser radiation but also of the laser device and the laser application. Acquaintance with the risks must be made before the start of work, as required by the Labor Code and Government Regulation No. 291/2015 Coll. on health protection against non-ionizing radiation.

At HiLASE Centre, we take laser safety seriously, as dozens of lasers emitting beams from ultraviolet to mid-infrared wavelengths, from femtosecond pulses to continuous mode, from milliwatts to kilowatts of average power or gigawatts of peak power are developed and operated in our laboratories.

We keep our experience and knowledge in the field of laser safety up-to-date and pass it on in the training courses offered, during events for the public, or as part of consultations.
Helena Vohníková, LSO

Laser safety is our top priority.