Superlasers for the real world

Excellent research and innovative solutions in laser technologies.

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Top Class Research

Top Class Research

Our goal is to reach scientific excellence that enables innovative solutions.

Real World Applications

Real World Applications

Our aim is to bring tailor-made solutions to the industry and benefit to the society.

Illuminating science

Illuminating science

We strive to inspire and involve broad public and young talents in science.

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HiLASE Centre

Our aim is to be a leading research & development centre that provides innovative laser technologies and solutions of direct benefit to economy and society by connecting scientific excellence with industrial demands.

HiLASE is challenge

Fangxin Yue MSc.

"HiLASE is a very young, modern and international scientific institute locating in the heart of Europe. Here, you can find experienced seniors guiding and supporting you; you can also find friendly peers sharing joys and tears with you. You can get a chance to have a hand in the giant projects; you can also feel free to realize your blueprint with scratch."

Fangxin Yue MSc., Junior Researcher

Ing. Lukáš Masopust, MBA

„I have the honour to work for HiLASE since the very beginning. It has been a fascinating story full of lessons learned to create such a state-of-the-art laser facility. To me, HiLASE is a dream job where I can fully utilize my potential and I am happy to co-work here with nice, enthusiastic and talented colleagues from all over the world."

Ing. Lukáš Masopust, MBA, Deputy Head of the HiLASE Centre

Dr. Yoann Levy

The scientific program in our HiLASE team is very strong, exciting and promising and I am given the opportunity to do both experimental and theoretical studies. Additionally I work with some colleagues I consider as friends.

Dr. Yoann Levy, Deputy Head of Department


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