LIDT Challenge Laser Induced Damaged Threshold | LIDT

As the name of the competition indicates, the LIDT Challenge focuses on the topic of the Laser Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT). It is intended for companies in the area of laser optics and optical components used in laser systems and applications. Knowledge of the quality of the components used is crucial for the safe and reliable operation of laser systems, which means that the reliability of high-performance lasers is to some extent also determined by the optical components.

LIDT Challenge

The LIDT Challenge is an opportunity to test the real performance of your optical components in the certified LIDT laboratory of the HiLASE Centre.

The first edition of the competition took place in 2022, with ten participating companies. Samples of mirrors with a high reflection dielectric coating were tested. Of the ten components tested, Laseroptik’s sample performed best with a value of 0.4 J/cm2.