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ICPEPA-11 Poster Award for PhD Student Marek Stehlík

Added 03. 10. 2018 to category News

On September 9, 2018, the RP4 team members Prof. Alexander V. Bulgakov, Dr. Thibault Derrien and PhD student Marek Stehlík traveled to Vilnius, Lithuania to participate in the 11th International Conference on Photo-Excited Processes and Applications (ICPEPA-11). The program of the Conference was focused on fundamental and application aspects of laser-matter interaction, such as highly efficient laser ablation, pulsed laser deposition, 3D printing, bio-medicine, nanotechnologies, laser generation of nanoparticles and some other topics. Over 160 presentations by researchers from more than 20 countries were reported at the Conference. All presentations of the HiLASE scientists had attracted attention of many scientists and representatives of industrial enterprises.

2018_10_03 Marek Stehlík award

Marek Stehlík presented his poster “Investigation of large-area femtosecond laser-induced periodic surface nanostructuring of metals”. This work was performed in an efficient cooperation between the HiLASE center in Dolní Břežany and the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology in Vilnius. In the work, a systematic study of single and multishot laser irradiation of molybdenum and titanium was carried out with imprinting LIPSS structures on large surface areas. The poster has attracted a strong interest of the conference participants. As a result of the quality of work, clarity in presentation, and demonstration of personal knowledge in poster discussions, Marek was awarded by a Conference Jury with the 2nd diploma for the ICPEPA Outstanding Student Poster Presentations.

Chair of ICPEPA-11 Gediminas Raciukaitis and Marek Stehlík, PhD student of the HiLASE center.


Oxford prof. Simon Hooker in the HiLASE center

Added 26. 09. 2018 to category News

IMG_20180905_121109239On the 5th September the HiLASE center hosted a visit of Prof. Simon Hooker from the Department of Physics at Oxford University. Prof. Hooker has discussed with Dr. Mocek and Dr. Lucianetti on common research
interests in the area of laser matter interactions, especially regarding Open Access for joint future experiments at HiLASE. More interesting details about the work of Prof. Hooker and his research teams can be found here.



Mexican guests visited HiLASE – topic: Bridging the gap between industry and research

Added 30. 08. 2018 to category News

DSCN7477On July 27th, 2018, Teresa Quintana, the Director of Innovation Center for the Acceleration of Economic Development of Jalisco (Mexico) and two of her colleagues from the Technological Institute Mario Molina, Joel Salcedo and Priscila Espinosa, visited with Simon Hutchinson, the Innovation and Business Development Manager at HiLASE. During the visit, Teresa and her colleagues were given a tour of the research lab and shown the various stages of laser system development, as well as some of the applications HiLASE enables with its laser development. Topics such as bridging the gap between industry and research were discussed, as well as a sharing of experiences in the innovative and start-up spheres. The visit was organized in cooperation with Central Bohemian Innovation Center (SIC) represented by Mrs. Athziri Moreno, Head of Strategic Interventions and International Cooperation Department and Martina Vicudilikova, RIS 3 Developer.

Chiara Liberatore: New „Rising Star“ at HiLASE

Added 19. 07. 2018 to category News

RP4Venice 2On July 8, 2018, Dr. Chiara Liberatore, PhD students Jiří Beránek, Juraj Sládek, Marek Stehlík, Kryštof Hlinomaz, and Master student Jan Hrabovsky traveled to Venice, Italy for the 6th International School “Lasers in Materials Science” on the Isola di San Servolo, home of the Venice International University.  The school provided great opportunities to learn, interact and establish new cooperation with researchers and colleagues working in both similar and complementary research fields.


Participants of the International Travelling Summer School on Microwaves and Lightwaves visited HiLASE

Added 12. 07. 2018 to category News

DSCN7430On Monday, July 9, 2018, almost 60 students and teachers of the renowned International Travelling Summer School on Microwaves and Lightwaves visited the HiLASE and ELI Beamlines Laser Centers in Dolní Břežany. The 28th anniversary of the summer school was held in the Czech town of Liblice and is organized by the Institute of Scientific Instruments of the CAS, v.v.i. (ISI). Postgraduate students from ten different European countries appreciated the opportunity to explore top scientific centers in the Czech Republic and to compare the centres‘ research with their own knowledge of the fields of high-frequency electronics, optics, laser and microwave technologies. The event was intended for graduates of electrotechnical faculties of technical universities (microwave and high frequency electronics), but also for graduates of science faculties (physical electronics, or optics and photonics).


Japanese delegation at HiLASE

Added 04. 07. 2018 to category News

DSCN7397On Monday, 2nd of June 2018, Prof. Kunioki Mima from the Institute of Laser Engineering (Osaka University) together with the Japanese delegation from diverse institutions visited HiLASE laser centre in Dolni Brezany. They came to explore the possibilities for R&D collaboration in customized high power laser development. The delegation was welcomed by Dr. Antonio Lucianetti, Head of HiLASE Research Programme 2.

Members of the delegation:
Prof. K. Mima - Institute of Laser Engineering (Osaka University)
Dr. M.Kando – National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology (Kansai Photon Science Institute)
Prof. Y. Sentoku – Institute of Laser Engineering (Osaka University)
Prof. R.Hanayama – Graduate School for the Creation of New Photonics Industries (Hamamatsu)
Dr. N. Iwata – Institute of Laser Engineering (Osaka University)
Dr. M. Hata – Institute of Laser Engineering (Osaka University)


Visit from Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials

Added 03. 07. 2018 to category News

DSCN7389On Monday 2. 7. 2018, a delegation from the influential Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials visited us to get acquainted with the possibilities of laser development and research at the HiLASE Center. Our team members presented HiLASE high energy nanosecond Bivoj laser, Perla laser system and microchip and fiber lasers. Moreover, the HiLASE Center laser technology for micro-machining, measurement and improvement of durability and performance of the materials were also introduced. Finally, both partners signed the Memorandum of Cooperation. The meeting was attended by the representative of the Korean Press. Together, we believe we will build on successful cooperation with the Korean Electronics Technology Institute, Korean Technical Universities and companies.


Access to the HiLASE Facility Beam time applications for the period 10/2018 – 9/2019

Added 03. 05. 2018 to category News

Bivoj1HiLASE is glad to announce the opening of the second call for Open Access to the Perla C and Bivoj lasers and LIDT and LSP target areas for the period October 2018 – September 2019. The deadline for submissions is Friday, 29th June, 2018, 12 p.m.



HiLASE highly qualified team mentioned by Euronews

Added 09. 03. 2018 to category News

The Euronews reporters came this week to the HiLASE laser centre to shoot a reportage for their programme Real Economy. This time the focus of the programme was on Cohesion policy. Here you can watch the interview with Tomas Mocek, head of the Hilase centre, and Antonio Lucianetti, leader of one of the research programmes:



FAP Kick-off meeting

Added 19. 02. 2018 to category News

DSC_1389On Thursday, February 15, 2018, the first meeting of the Facility Access Panel (FAP) took place at the HiLASE Centre. This newly established panel will be responsible for the evaluation of the individual scientific projects that will be submitted as part of the open access to the HiLASE Center equipment. During the meeting, FAP members were presented with the existing HiLASE equipment offered to external users, the plan of equipment modernization that will take place within the HiLASE Center of Excellence project, an open access methodology, a newly designed web application for submission of project proposals, criteria and way of proposals evaluation and outputs monitoring, and an Open Access timetable for 2018.

FAP members are:
prof. Andrei Kanaev
prof. Valdas Sirutkaitis
prof. Marta Castillejo
prof. David Neely
Dr. Josef Krása
Dr. Martin Tolley
HiLASE members that participated in the meeting:
Dr. Tomáš Mocek
Dr. Antonio Lucianetti
Ing. Václav Svoboda
Ing. Jan Brajer
Dr. Mihai-George Muresan
Dr. Jan Vanda
Dr. Jan Pilař