150 J DPSSL operating at 1.5 kW level Paper

The HiLASE team of Martin Divoky, Jan Pilar, Martin Hanus, Petr Navratil, Ondrej Denk, Patricie Severová, Martin Smrz and Tomas Mocek together with their colleagues from Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) have recently had a new article published in the Optics Letters. The paper called “150 J DPSSL operating at 1.5 kW level” reveals more about the world record achieved on our Bivoj laser.

The research team reports on obtaining output energy of 146 J in 10 ns long pulses at 10 Hz repetition rate from Bivoj, a multi-Joule multi-slab cryogenic gas-cooled diode pumped solid state laser, by overcoming its damage threshold bottleneck. This is a 40% energy and power increase of the laser system in comparison to their previous publication and to the most powerful multi-Joule high power laser system.

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