Petr Hauschwitz in Czech FORBES 30 UNDER 30 2021 List

At the HiLASE Centre, our colleague, Petr Hauschwitz, deals with laser micromachining and surface functionalization, a promising method that has the potential to, for example, prevent icing on aircraft wings or develop more effective joint replacements with an antibacterial surface. In the last two years, he has published nine (!) articles in several scientific journals. He has now made it into the prestigious 30 UNDER 30 list in the Czech version of the FORBES magazine.

Inspiring Grandfather

To Petr, his main idol and role model was always his grandfather. He graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Prague’s Charles University, and thanks to him, a few decades later, Petr stared studying physics as well. “During the demanding studies, my grandfather travelled as a professional singer around the world and did figure skating on a professional level, as a member of a national team. Until today, it doesn’t occur to me how he managed it all at once, “says Petr with admiration. Beside his grandfather, there is one more person who has meant a lot to Petr in his scientific career. Prof. Helena Jelínková works at the Department of Physical Electronics at the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, where Petr is currently finishing his doctorate. “The professor was literally at the first steps of laser technology in our country and has remained in this field until today. During this time, she has brought up a generation of successful laser scientists and has fundamentally contributed to the development of laser technology,” explains Petr.

The Desire to Know and Take Risks

Peter’s life motto is best illustrated by a quote from Jim Rohn: “If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” At his work, he keeps following new trends constantly: “I always try to research something new, something that no one has succeeded in before. I have access to top-class equipment and the opportunity to implement my ideas.”

To the Space?

Petr has been fascinated by the universe since he was a child, he was captivated by its origin from a scientific point of view, parallel universes and other things that make your head spin. Therefore, his favourite book (besides unbeatable Little Prince) is ‘Many Worlds in One’ by Alex Vilenkin. And according to many experts, the future of laser technology lies in space. Who knows, maybe Petr’s childhood dream will come true one day…

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