A business mission from Taiwan visited the HiLASE Centre

On Monday, 25 October, a group of representatives of Taiwanese industrial entities specializing in laser technology and optoelectronics visited the HiLASE Centre. The group, consisting of the representatives of Taiwan Laser Source Industry Alliance, Hi – Nano Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. and Taiwan Foresightco Ltd., visited the Czech Republic as part of a four-day visit led by the Taiwanese Foreign Minister.

This delegation, the largest in the history of Czech-Taiwanese relations, aimed to find new opportunities for cooperation in a wide range of business areas. The Taiwanese were interested in cooperation in areas such as information and communication technologies, green technologies, the Internet of Things, cyber security, healthcare and electronic vehicles. Of course, HiLASE lasers and their scientific and industrial applications were not to be missed.

On behalf of the HiLASE Centre, the visit was welcomed by Bo-Anne Rohlik, who gave an introductory presentation and briefed the delegation on the activities of the Centre, its history, scientific results and the potential for mutual cooperation. Afterwards, the visitors had the opportunity to see the laser laboratories in person, accompanied by Martin Smrž, Head of the HiLASE High Power Laser Department.