Effects of Light on Biological and Physiological Functions Presentation

Spectrasol’s presentation will offer you an introduction to the basics of biological and physiological effects of light as well as its spectral composition and its influence on cognition, health, overall vitality and mood.

At the same time, a unique artificial lighting technology that imitates natural daylight in interiors will be presented, along with its benefits for work and home environments. You will also get acquainted with research conducted by the Czech Technical University and the National Institute of Mental Health that has evidenced the efficiency of these light sources. The presentation will be held by Filip Hausleitner, a biochemist specialised in lighting and science communication, Hynek Medřický, a recognized expert in lighting technology and chronobiology, and Daniel Jesenský, managing director of Spectrasol.

HiLASE Centre, Seminar room PERLA, from 13:00

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