How to Print Nano and Micro-Materials: Laser-Induced Forward-Transfer. Seminar

We would like to cordially invite you to a seminar of our colleague, dr. Nathan Goodfriend. The seminar called “How to Print Nano and Micro-Materials: Laser-Induced Forward-Transfer” is going to take place on Tuesday, 9 November, in the HiLASE Centre seminar room PERLA.

Assembling and creating structures on the micro and nano scale is a sizable challenge. The materials must be precisely positioned in a clean and non-destructive method. In this seminar, dr. Goodfriend will cover the non-contact method of Laser-induced forward-transfer and the branches I have explored at the HiLASE Centre. This will stretch from generation and printing of gold Nano droplets to structure preserving methods for two dimensional nanomaterials, culminating in a description of a pending patent for bringing this to industry.

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