Laser micromachining with Petr Hauschwitz webinar | LMM

If you are interested in Laser micromachining (LMM) technology, we are pleased to invite you to the webinar of our colleague Peter Hauschwitz, Ph.D., MBA (LMM team leader), which focuses on this topic.

PH webinar

WHEN: 9 November 2022, (2:00 – 3:00 PM CET)


  • HiLASE introduction
  • Surface functionalization introduction
  • Multi-beam solutions
  • LMM lab equipment
  • Selected use cases – Mass production of functionalized plastics, Biotechnology – cell growth & antibacterial, Friction tailoring on manufacturing tools, Adhesion modification & glass structuring, Battery and renewable, Large sample processing, wettability tailoring
  • Cooperation with HiLASE
  • Q & A session
  • Closing
About the Laser micromachining | LMM

Laser micromachining is a versatile technology that finds applications in many different industries: aerospace and automotive engineering, biomedical, energy, tooling, food processing, and more. The technology is suitable for metals and alloys, glass and dielectrics, polymers and composite materials.

Main benefits
  • Drilling of micrometre holes without thermal loading of the material
  • Cutting sensitive and difficult to machine materials without thermal damage
  • Production of nano- and micrometre structures for a given surface functionalization

The HiLASE Centre offers its services and know-how in the field of laser micromachining to the Czech and foreign industries. We provide a wide range of services from the evaluation of the customer’s problem, through experimental design, the creation and testing of samples, process development and optimization, to consulting and support in the implementation of new processes in the production process.

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The LMM team headed by Peter Hauschwitz is also behind the world’s records from the last year.

  • 40 401 beams in a laser multi-beam nanostructuring – record in multibeam laser nanostructuring, with respect to the number of laser beams simultaneously modifying the material surface. More…
  • World record in the speed production of laser-induced periodic nanostructures on the stainless steel surface. More…