Laser Shock Peening for Miniature / Small Size Components with Dr. Sunil Pathak Webinar | LSP

The post-processing of the micro-manufactured products by mechanical means (such as heat treatment and shot peening) is considered a challenging task due to their small size, lower material availability, risk of thermal damages, and mechanical distortions. Laser shock peening (LSP), or laser peening, is an efficient technique to enhance the resistance of micro-manufactured parts to damage by foreign objects and improve fatigue life. LSP has the potential to improve the mechanical and metallurgical properties of micro and miniature parts due to its capabilities of deep penetration, better surface quality aspects, and unaltered geometry of the treated components.  In this webinar, LSP is presented as a possible solution to alter the surface characteristics of miniature cylindrical gears.

Sunil - webinar

WHEN: 30 November 2022, (2:00 – 3:00 PM CET)


  • Introduction to Miniature Parts (Micro, Meso and Macro Parts)
  • Application of Small-sized components
  • Gears and Its Essential Characteristics
  • Concept of Surface Quality and Surface Integrity
  • Laser Shock Peening (LSP)
  • Design and Development of Samples
  • Effects of LSP application on Meso Gears Surface characteristics
  • Conclusions

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