Laser Shock Peening for the Aerospace Industry

We would like to invite you to a symposium on the topic of Laser Shock Peening for the Aerospace Industry organised jointly by the HiLASE Centre and NLR.

The event will také place on the 23rd of May from 11am at the NLR facility in Marknesse. The schedule (available for download below) includes talks by representatives of HiLASE Centre (Jan Kaufman and Sanin Zulić), NLR (Borit Zwering) and Lockheed Martin (Scott Calrson), as well as a tour of the NLR infrastructure.

Laser shock peening technology improves the structural performance of metal parts by creating intense shock waves that put compressive stress deep into the metal. This process extends the service lifetime of critical parts such as aircraft engine fan blades and landing gear components by three to five times compared to conventional peening treatments. It also improves fatigue life, decrease the crack growth rate, and increase the resistance to cracking and corrosion, leading to lighter and stronger products with the potential for entirely new designs.

Sign up by the 15th of May.

Don’t hesitate to contact with any questions. Keep in mind that a valid passport must be presented before being granted entry to the NLR facility.