Laser Shock Peening & Metal Additive Manufacturing webinar and discussion with the HiLASE LSP team

LSP & metal additive manufacturing

LSP (Laser Shock Peening) is a technology that will help increase the efficiency of metal additive manufacturing. Research shows that the use of LSP significantly improves the quality of the parts produced, opening the door for new applications for metal additive manufacturing in many industries. For more information on this topic, we recommend reading the white paper titled Laser Shock Peening: An Effective Tool for Upgrading Your Metal Additive Manufacturing.

WHEN: Wednesday the 9th of March 2022 from 3pm CET
WHERE: Online (ZOOM)


A speaker from the HiLASE LSP team – Sanin Zulic – will first explain the use of LSP in metal additive manufacturing in a webinar and introduce you to the problems and solutions within this subject. This will be followed by a discussion during which the speaker and other members of the LSP team (Jan Kaufman, Ondřej Stránský, Marek Boehm, Sunil Pathak) will answer your questions.

Detailed Agenda

  • Introduction to LSP
  • How LSP improves:
    – AM part performance
    – Manufacturing time
    – Feedstock cost
  • Results
  • What HiLASE can offer?
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