LSTC | Laser maintenance training LSTC


The one-day laser maintenance course introduces participants to the most essential skills for operating laser equipment:

  1. measurement of laser output parameters,
  2. cleaning of laser optical components,
  3. laser beam alignment.

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss practical solutions from their operations.

WHEN: 25.9.2024
PRICE: 12 300 CZK without VAT/person.
Participants will receive a certificate of attendance.


At course completion students will:

  • Know the essential parts of a laser.
  • Know the meaning of standard laser operating parameters.
  • Know how to measure the basic parameters of a laser beam.
  • Know how to measure the diameter and collimation of a laser beam.
  • Know how to measure the power, pulse energy and spectrum of laser radiation.
  • Know optical materials and appropriate cleaning methods.
  • Know which optical components can be cleaned and which cannot.
  • Know how to inspect cleaned surfaces.
  • Understand the issues involved in cleaning optical gratings and fibres.
  • Understand laser beam alignment.
  • Work safely with the laser beam.
  • Know how to align a visible laser beam to a reference point.
  • Know how to align an infrared (invisible) laser beam to a reference point.
  • Know how to collimate a visible laser beam.
  • Know how to collimate an invisible laser beam.
  • Understand the function of an optical telescope in a laser system.
  • Build/set up an optical telescope.
  • Know how to work with various imaging aids.

Detailed information about the course can be found HERE.