Science Fair 2024

In the spring of 2024, the already traditional Science Fair will be taking place, from Thursday the 30th of May to Saturday the 1st of June at PVA EXPO Praha. As usual, you can find HiLASE Centre at the booth of the Institute of Physics of the CAS.

What can you look forward to? Aside from the laser maze, where you can become the hero of an action movie for a few minutes, we are also preparing interesting experiments and exhibits, which will bring the world of optics closer to both the youngest visitors and experienced researchers.

The Science Fair is the largest science popularisation event in the Czech Republic organised since 2015 by the Czech Academy of Sciences. Its visitors get to learn about a wide variety of scientific fields in an entertaining, interactive form not only at the boots of CAS institutes but also at booths of universities, industry representatives, and other exhibitors.

Watch the video from last year’s Science Fair: