Webinar: Towards sustainability by applications of laser processing

We invite you to a webinar of HiLASIAN Juraj Sládek, a post-doc in the Laser Micromachining (LMM) team, organised by Laserlab Europe.

Under the title “Towards sustainability by applications of laser processing”, it will be focused on laser material processing, which includes not only cutting and welding but also advanced surface modification of a variety of different materials.

WHEN: 31st of January, 4pm CET


Laser material processing, aside from cutting and welding applications, is also applicable for advanced surface modification of a broad range of materials. This includes surface functionalization to achieve superhydrophobic, self-cleaning or passive antibacterial surfaces, reduced friction and wear of metallic components, increased surface area for battery electrodes and more. In addition, a technique of Laser Shock Peening (LSP) is used to extend lifespan of mechanical components. Many of these methods can help us to improve functionality of products with an impact beneficial to the environment.

In this talk, several laser processing applications will be discussed and demonstrated on use cases.