Ambassador of Belgium Jurgen van Meirvenne visited Dolní Břežany

Within his visit to Dolní Břežany, we welcomed Jurgen van Meirvenne (Ambassador of Belgium to the Czech Republic) at the HiLASE Centre. The agenda of his visit also included an excursion of the neighbouring centres ELI Beamlines and Brain4Industry, a walk through the municipality of Dolní Břežany, as well as a trip to the InnoCrystal centre in Zlatníky-Hodkovice.

His Excellency with his company met with Tomáš Mocek (head of the Centre) and Jana De Merlier (grant office manager). They discussed the potential for collaboration in the area of laser technology between Czechia and Belgium. HiLASIANS, among other things, introduced our strategic areas, defined within our vision and mission.

Afterward, the group moved into the laser laboratories, where Tomáš Mocek presented laser systems BIVOJ and PERLA, as well as their industrial and scientific applications.

Thank you to the His Excellency for the visit and we look forward to new possibilities for collaboration between HiLASE Centre and Belgian institutions.