Anti-Reflection Mobile Phones Displays by Dynamic Beam Shaping

The value of common everyday products like mobile phones or laptops can be compromised with a poor anti-reflection property of a covering display glass making it unreadable under direct sun. Laser surface micro/nanostructuring offers a flexible, fast and environmentally friendly approach for precise and efficient fabrication of desired micro/nanogeometry in a single step.

Our colleague Petr Hauschwitz proves it in his new article “Anti-Reflection Nanostructures on Tempered Glass by Dynamic Beam Shaping” published in the special issue of Micromachines, “Emerging Micro Manufacturing Technologies and Applications”. Petr has used a new device by Pulsar Photonics for dynamic beam shaping in order to create an anti-reflection nanostructures on tempered glass by 9 simultaneous beams.

This way, reflected intensity of the glass can be reduced up to 75% while maintaining 90% of its transparency! As a result, it shows a great potential for display functionalization of mobile phones or laptops.