Automa magazine: cutting-edge lasers from the HiLASE Centre for industrial applications

The story of the HiLASE Centre appeared in the media as an example of how to link research with practical scientific applications. In an article published in the journal for automation technology, Automa (No. 03/2021), you can read, among other things, what the local high-power pulsed lasers, aptly named Bivoj and PERLA (PERfect LAser), are used for. These lasers are the perfect tools for many industrial applications, e.g.,

  • micromachining and the creation of functional surfaces (e.g. self-cleaning, corrosion-resistant, hydrophobic, etc.),
  • measurement of laser damage thresholds and associated certification of optical components,
  • Laser Shock Peening.

In addition, the HiLASE Centre develops completely new compact lasers for use by end customers in industry and is also involved in the study of nanomaterials.

For detailed information and interesting background, please refer to the full article (available in Czech language).