Frontiers in Lasers and Applications: Invited talk of Prof. Bulgakova International Workshop

In July 2021, Prof. Nadezhda M. Bulgakova, Dr. Sc., the Head of the Department “Scientific Laser Applications” (SLA), participated in the 2nd International Workshop on Frontiers in Lasers and Applications (FLA-2). The workshop was organized for a limited number of invited distinguished scientists from all over the world with the aim of furthering international exchange and establishing new networks. She delivered a forty-minute talk “Enhanced Laser Energy Coupling to Different Materials: Toward Understanding and Realization of New Irradiation Regimes”.

In her talk, Prof. Bulgakova gave an overview of theoretical and experimental research performed recently in her department at the HiLASE Centre with a particular attention to novel laser-matter irradiation regimes that includes spatial and spatiotemporal shaping of laser beams and bi-wavelength excitation of bandgap materials. Several theoretical predictions based on the simulations with state-of-the-art models were discussed, some of which have been verified successfully in experiments performed in a newly built laser-application laboratory at the HiLASE premises.

The FLA-2 should have taken place in Bahamas in May 2020 but it was postponed because of COVID-19 pandemic. Finally it was decided to hold the workshop online. The FLA-2 Sessions were spread over 4 weeks with vivid discussions between participants who are world-recognized experts in the fields of laser applications.

Congratulations to the members of SLA Department who contribute to excellent research within the projects BIATRI and HiLASE CoE.