Na Zatlance Grammar School in the HiLASE Centre

At the end of August, the HiLASE Centre was visited by teachers from the prestigious Prague Grammar School Na Zatlance. During the excursion, they had the opportunity not only to learn many interesting facts about lasers and the laser centre, but also to see the experimental halls where we deal with, for example, laser shock peening or laser micromachining technology.

The HiLASE Centre has long supported cooperation with primary, secondary and higher education institutions. For talented high school students, we annually prepare the popular Talent Academy competition, during which 12 finalists get the opportunity to work for several days in the HiLASE Centre’s state-of-the-art laboratories. For this year, we are planning a new competition for teams of high school students called the Science Challenge – please follow our websites and social networks, we will keep you updated 🙂