The Scientific Laser Applications team participated in Conference on Laser Ablation COLA 2021/2022 Interdisciplinary conference | Japan

On April 24-29, the SLA team of the HiLASE Centre participated in the 16th International Conference on Laser Ablation COLA 2021/2022, Matsue, Japan.

Prof. Nadezhda Bulgakova was one of four Co-Chairs of the Conference together with Dr. Koji Sugioka (RIKEN, Japan), Prof. Yoshiki Nakata (Osaka University, Japan), and Dr. Alberto Piqué (Naval Research Laboratory, USA). Since 1991, COLA is an interdisciplinary conference whose topics cover a wide range of laser-oriented scientific research and bridge the gap between basic science and technological applications. This year the Conference was held in the hybrid (online + onsite) format.

COLA 2021/2022

The HiLASE participants presented 3 oral talks and 4 poster presentations. The HiLASE speakers participating online were Prof. Nadezhda Bulgakova, Prof. Vladimir Zhukov, Prof. Alexander Bulgakov, Dr. Miroslava Flimelová, PhD student Juraj Sládek and PhD student Jiří Beránek. Dr. Martin Zukerstein was participating in the Conference onsite.

  • prof. Nadezhda Bulgakova: On the Role of Defect States in Ultrashort Laser Interaction with Bandgap Materials (Poster)
  • prof. Vladimir Zhukov: Peculiarities of Interaction of Top-Hat Laser Beams with Transparent Materials (Poster)
  • prof. Alexander Bulgakov: Dual wavelength femtosecond laser-induced damage and ablation of silicon (Talk)
  • Dr. Miroslava Flimelová: Synthesis of Composite Nanostructures by Laser Ablation in Liquid for Biomedical Application (Talk)
  • PhD student Juraj Sládek:  Generation of homogeneous stripes of LIPSS over large area on the silicon surface (Talk)
  • PhD student Jiří Beránek: Systematic numerical analysis of melting thresholds of semiconductors under nanosecond pulse laser irradiation (Poster)
  • Dr. Martin Zukerstein: Volumetric modification in fused silica: New insights with shaped pulses (Poster)

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