Multi-beam processing with the next generation of high intensity laser systems Talk of Dr. Danijela Rostohar at Laser Surface Texturing workshop

On May 19, our colleague Danijela Rostohar is going to deliver a speech on Multi-beam processing with the next generation of high intensity laser systems at the Laser Surface Texturing workshop organized by the Association of Industrial Laser Users – AILU. The presentation will take place from 12:30 – 12:50 via Zoom.

“Laser surface texturing is being applied to more and more applications, as the technology to treat surfaces improves and treatment rates increase the process is becoming more cost-effective.  In this workshop, we will have presentations from industry on the laser and optical tools that are used to apply textures, as well as from research organisations with experience of applying the latest know-how to speed up the process and apply it to new materials and applications,” says David Waugh, chair of the workshop.

The workshop is providing a forum to exchange ideas, both in person and on-line (via Zoom), which enables attendance of a range of international speakers from Europe and further afield.

“The recent developments of diode pump high intensity solid state lasers are promising new quality and efficiency of laser micromachining.  The talk will provide an overview of different methodology for employing such laser systems for large area surface structuring as well as demonstrations and results obtained with PERLA laser system,” says Danijela Rostohar, Strategic Application Development Manager in the HiLASE Centre.

Danijela received her Ph.D. in laser spectroscopy from University of Stockholm, in 2003. She focuses on laser spectroscopy, laser processing and laser-matter interaction with fast and ultrafast laser. During her carrier, she was involved in development and implementation of laser based solutions for different industrial application. She is the author/coauthor of 50 journal articles and conference papers, with more than 390 citations.

The HiLASE Centre has long been involved in laser micromachining and surface treatment. Since last year, we have also held the record for multi-beam laser nanostructuring. For more information, please contact us at