LASER63 multidisciplinary conference successfully concluded

From Wednesday the 18th to Friday the 20th of October, the yearly multidisciplinary LASER63 conference took place at the Chateau Hotel Třešť. The HiLASE Centre (part of the Institute of Physics of the CAS) is one of its organisers, alongside the Institute of Scientific Instruments and the Institute of Plasma Physics (TOPTEC).

The event included talks from the representatives of Czech research institutions and businesses, a poster session, as well as a rich entertainment programme. There was also space for networking, making new connections and strengthening existing ones.

From the HiLASE Centre, ten speakers from varying research departments contributed with a talk:

  • Jan Vanda (LIDT Team Leader) | LIDT of laser windows with AR coatings in the region of 343 nm and ultrashort pulses
  • Inam Mirza (Pulsed Laser Deposition Team Leader) | Picosecond pulsed laser deposition of MoS2 thin films
  • Petr Hauschwitz (LMM Team Leader) | Innovation in laser nanostructuring
  • Thibault Derrien (Ultrafast Photonics Team Leader) | Quantum and classical simulations for femtosecond laser interaction with crystals in the regime of material and thin-film modification
  • Ondřej Stránský (Ph.D. Student, LSP) | Laser Shock Peening under non-ideal conditions: an experimental analysis
  • Martin Smrž (Head of the Advanced Laser Development Department) | Development of cutting edge kW pulsed lasers for industry and science
  • Jan Šmaus (LSP Technologist) | Treatment of heterogenous welds using LSP technology from the inside of tubular domes
  • Jan Hrabovský (Graduate Student: Mid-IR and Bioapplications) | Laser-modified undoped and Boron-doped diamond electrodes with precise surface lateral control of SP2/SP3 carbon distribution
  • Ondřej Denk (Optical Engineer of High Energy Slab Lasers) | Polarization characteristics of the Bivoj system
  • Tomáš Paliesek (Ph.D. Student) | Beam shaping in the Bivoj laser systém

Additionally, one of the conference blocks was chaired by the head of the HiLASE Centre Tomáš Mocek. Several HiLASIANS also participated in the conference with a contribution to the poster session, including Radek Pobořil, Jiří Mužík, Jaroslav Huynh, Martin Zuckerstein and Nitish Paul.

See you next year at the LASER64 multidisciplinary conference!