Record in the number of laser beams simultaneously modifying a surface

The HiLASE Centre Laser Micromachining (LMM) team has reached another exciting success: a world record in the number of beams simultanously modifying material surface.

By using the PERLA laser system alongside special prototype optics created by HOLO/OR,  40 401 beams could be applied to the surface simultaneously.

This record is especially significant for the application of nanostructuring in industry, for example to create surfaces with anti-icing, anti-corrosion, self-cleaning or air-resistant surfaces. Currently, the method is only in limited use due to low productivity (and the correlated high cost). The speed at which the surface was treated in this experiment is a promise of a faster and more economic nanostructuring for industry in the coming years.

You can find out more about the record in our PRESS RELEASE.