Cryogenic Tm:LiYF4 laser around 2 µm

Venkatesan Jambunathan, Martin Smrž and Tomáš Mocek from the HiLASE Centre are the co-authors of a new paper, which was recently published in the journal of the Applied Physics B (Springer). The topic of the article is Cryogenic Tm:LiYF4 laser around 2 µm. The other co-authors are Sami Slimi, Magdalena Aguiló, Francesc Díaz and Xavier Mateos from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili and Josep M. Serres from the Centre Tecnològic de Catalunya

The authors present the laser characteristics of a 5 at.% Tm:YLF crystal using a modular setup at cryogenic temperatures emitting around 2 µm. Continuous-wave laser operation was achieved by pumping the laser crystal using a Volume Bragg Grating-stabilized laser diode emitting at 793 nm. A maximum output power of 6.5 W was achieved at 80 K corresponding to a slope efficiency of 66.0% with respect to the absorbed power with excellent beam quality.