Enhancing service life of Metal Additive Manufactured parts by Laser Shock Peening Talk by Dr. Sanin Zulić

On May 19, 2022, our colleague Sanin Zulić is going to have a talk at the seminar “Additive Manufacturing the Future“, organised by the Technology Innovation Institute in Abu DhabiIn the seminar, global experts will deliver exciting talks about the state-of-the-art of additive manufacturing activities and their current and future applications. Dr. Zulić is going to deliver a talk on “Enhancing service life of Metal Additive Manufactured parts by Laser Shock Peening”. 

Metal Additive Manufacturing (MAM) technology has brought numerous benefits to mankind and considering the benefits of the technology such as manufacturing of complex shapes and lightweight parts, easy customization, design freedom, etc. It is expected that this technology will be more vital in the time in front. Even though this technology has found its place in many industries and it’s regularly used nowadays, there are still areas where metal additive manufacturing cannot be applied because of certain limitations such as tensile residual stresses, voids, pores, surface roughness etc. These limitations are not allowing metal additive manufacturing to be used for critical parts, either because of technical or safety reasons. By employing Laser Shock Peening, many of these limitations can be overcome, mitigated, or completely eliminated. Laser Shock Peening can improve the mechanical properties of the additive manufacturing parts and enable the MAM technology for the most demanding applications and industries. This talk will give an explanation of how LSP improves mechanical properties of the MAM, such as surface roughness, surface integrity, fatigue life, and how the microstructure is refined by LSP for different types of metallic alloys.
The talk is planned on May 19, 3:45 pm – 4:00 pm  – more details in the programme.
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