FAP Kick-off meeting

On Thursday, February 15, 2018, the first meeting of the Facility Access Panel (FAP) took place at the HiLASE Centre. This newly established panel will be responsible for the evaluation of the individual scientific projects that will be submitted as part of the open access to the HiLASE Center equipment. During the meeting, FAP members were presented with the existing HiLASE equipment offered to external users, the plan of equipment modernization that will take place within the HiLASE Center of Excellence project, an open access methodology, a newly designed web application for submission of project proposals, criteria and way of proposals evaluation and outputs monitoring, and an Open Access timetable for 2018.

FAP members are:
prof. Andrei Kanaev
prof. Valdas Sirutkaitis
prof. Marta Castillejo
prof. David Neely
Dr. Josef Krása
Dr. Martin Tolley
HiLASE members that participated in the meeting:
Dr. Tomáš Mocek
Dr. Antonio Lucianetti
Ing. Václav Svoboda
Ing. Jan Brajer
Dr. Mihai-George Muresan
Dr. Jan Vanda
Dr. Jan Pilař