Great success of the 3rd Annual HiLASE workshop

On October 14-17, 2018, the 3rd Annual HiLASE workshop took place at Chateau Clara Futura, Dolni Brezany. To highlight HiLASE mission “Superlasers for the Real World”, each session was launched by a globally recognized Keynote Speaker. The participants had a chance to enjoy inspiring lectures by prof. Wolfgang Kautek (University of Vienna, Austria), Dr. Arnold Gillner (Fraunhofer-Institut für Lasertechnik, Germany), Dr. Enam Chowdhury (Ohio State University, USA) or Dr. Kurt J. Weingarten (Lumentum Operations, Switzerland). The workshop presented broad application potential of HiLASE Centre, described the scientific & industrial opportunities, and highlighted HiLASE recent achievements as well as future capabilities in the development of customized high average power lasers. The event provided great opportunity for discussions of technological bottlenecks, preparation of joint R&D projects, commercialization of results, and networking.


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