Her Excellency Ambassador Nadzirah Osman visited HiLASE and ELI Beamlines

On February 11th, 2016 Her Excellency Ambassador of Malaysia to the Czech Republic Nadzirah Binti Osman visited the ELI Beamlines and HiLASE laser facilities in Dolní Břežany. The Director of the Institute of Physics Jan Řídký, the ELI Beamlines Manager Roman Hvězda together with the HiLASE Scientific Coordinator Tomáš Mocek guided Her Excellency through both laser centers. The tour contained an expert explanation presented by laser and experimental scientists in order to introduce Her Excellency Nadzirah Osman to experimental programs which are planning to be realized at both laser centers. She summed up her impression in the sentence: „Very impressive facilities. I hope that Malaysia can establish a collaboration with ELI and HiLASE in the near future.“