HiLASE Centre celebrated the International Day of Light 2024 with an open day

As has become a tradition in the past few years, HiLASE Centre opened its door to visitors on the occasion of the International Day of Light. Thursday the 16th of May was filled with lectures, excursions, and many other activities for researchers big and small.

Jan Kaufman got the public excited about science during a lecture titled Light Play in the Atmosphere. In his notoriously entertaining and lively presentation, he introduced everyday light phenomena – why the sky is blue, where rainbows come from, or how the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets are created.

Jan Šmaus led the tours of Laser Shock Peening experimental halls at this year’s event, introducing this technology and its applications in the world of industry. Visitors not only took away this knowledge but also had the opportunity to get a glimpse into the daily life of a scientist.

But our program did not end there, throughout the evening more than a dozen HiLASIANS were present in the lobby of the Center, providing fun and educational activities for the public: a laser maze, virtual reality games, physics-themed crafting projects, an optics lab full of interesting experiments, a short museum exhibition with a quiz for young scientists, a laser safety presentation, and more.

Thank you to all visitors and we look forward to seeing you at the Science Fair or Researchers’ Night!