HiLASE Centre researcher Fangxin Yue received a poster award at ALT19

Fangxin Yue, M.Sc., young talented researcher and a member of our HiLASE Centre team, was awarded a second place for the best poster at the ALT19 conference. The international conference on advanced laser technologies took place in Prague in the second half of September and hosted many capacities in this field. Fangxin Yue received a well-deserved attention by presenting her poster on Diode pumped cryogenic Tm:Y2O3 ceramic laser. These compact high average and peak power (HAPP) lasers emitting around two-micron have broad applications in various areas, such as laser induced damage threshold (LIDT) measurements, polymer material processing, debris removal from space, etc. More details and the poster itself can be found in the download section bellow.