HiLASE Speakers at ALT Conference International Impact

On September 6-9, 2021, 9 researchers from the HiLASE Centre reported their results at 28th International Conference on Advanced Laser Technologies, organized online by the Prokhorov Institute in Moscow, Russia.

Within participants, Czech Republic was the 4th biggest supplier of scientific contributions after Russia, France and Germany.

Among HiLASE attendees, Prof. Vladimir Zhukov, post-doc Dr. Oleksander Gatsa and PhD students Krystof Hlinomaz and MSc. Jan Hrabovsky reported their results as oral contributions. Invited oral presentations were given by Prof. Nadezhda M. Bulgakova, Prof. Alexander Bulgakov, Dr. Yury Ryabchikov, Dr. Thibault J.-Y. Derrien, and Dr. Yoann Levy.

HiLASE Speakers

  • N.M Bulgakova, M. Zukerstein, V.P. Zhukov | Effects of Laser Energy Delocalization in the Regimes of Bulk Modification of
    Transparent Dielectrics
  • T. J.-Y. Derrien, Y. Levy, N.M. Bulgakova | Assessment of the time-dependent density functional theory for investigating femtosecond laser energy absorption by metals
  • K. Hlinomaz, Y. Levy, T. J. Y. Derrien and N. M. Bulgakova | Numerical Modeling of Thermal Response of Molybdenum Thin Film on Different Substrates Irradiated by Short Laser Pulse
  • Y. Levy, E. L. Gurevich, and N. M. Bulgakova | Three-Step Description of Single-Pulse Formation of Laser- InducedPeriodic Surface Structures on Metals
  • J. Hrabovský, M. Zukerstein, J. Sládek, I. Mirza, Y. Levy, and N. M. Bulgakova | Formation of hollow microneedles on silicon surface by doughnut-shaped laser pulses using single- and multi-shot irradiation
  • Y.V. Ryabchikov, M. Flimelova | Laser Synthesis of Chemically Pure Multielement Metal-Based Nanostructures
  • V.P. Zhukov, N.M. Bulgakova, M.P. Fedoruk | Peculiarities of Interaction of Radially and Azimuthally Polarized Laser Pulses with Transparent Dielectrics
  • A. V. Bulgakov, M. Stehlík, I. Mirza, O. Gatsa, J. Hrabovský, N. M. Bulgakova | Ultrashort laser-induced damage and ablation of silicon in water and air environments
  • O. Gatsa, A. V. Bulgakov | Picosecond-laser-induced damage and ablation of gold in water: Effects of the water layer thickness

The annual International Conference on Advanced Laser Technologies (ALT) was established in 1992 by the Nobel Prize Laureate Alexander Prokhorov, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Director of the General Physics Institute. The conference has become an important and well recognized forum for both researchers and engineers as it brings together presentations on fundamental and engineering aspects of laser technologies along with their applications in various areas (materials processing, laser medicine, photonic devices, systems for process control, etc.).

This year, the presentations were broadcasted publicly on Youtube. The complete programme is available here.