Martina Rehakova in Science Plus by Czech Radio

On Wednesday the 13th October you could listen to an interview with Martina Rehakova, one of the very first employees of the HiLASE Centre and currently the head of the Engineering and Technical Support Department, on the Science Plus programme on Czech Radio.

On Petr Kolos’ programme, Martina recalls the beginnings of the HiLASE Centre and explains the specifics you have to deal with when you are building a building for a brand new laser centre. “Powerful lasers suffer from vibrations, so the HiLASE building is laid on a sand bed and  separated from the outside of the building. We try to keep vibrations to a minimum, which is why we have anti-vibration tables,” says Martina. She is looking forward to more construction in the future. The HiLASE Centre needs more laboratories that are even better equipped. At the moment, her team is putting all the requirements together. You can hear more on the Afternoon Plus programme (in Czech language), 13th of October 2022, 5:34pm.