Not a Robusta like ROBUSTA

Challenges and obstacles in the automation and design of lasers, laser processes, and equipment were addressed at the ROBUSTA event on Thursday the 12th of October.

Although the event was accompanied by Robusta, it dealt primarily with robust laser automation and used specific case studies to open a practical discussion on non-industrial solutions for powering laser devices, the use of connectors, communication buses, beam routing from laser to applications, motorized flipper, TTL signals, piezo mirrors, pics, etc.

First, BDM of the Centre,  Martina Řeháková, welcomed the participants. Then, Jakub Horáček (head of ETS department control system engineer) and Jan Heřmánek (design team leader) outlined the issue, followed by Jan Vejdělek (electronics developer) who shared information on the motorized flipper, piezo mirror, and driver.

The program was enriched by inputs from Vladimír Bařina (APM Engineering, s. r. o.) and Emil Černý (STREICHER, spol. s r.o. Plzeň), who collaborated on the HiLASE Laser Beam Distribution System (LBDS). Kamil Hejda (ESSE Automation, s.r.o.) spoke on solutions for communication using the Litron laser and motorized linear feed. David Smělík (Beckhoff Automation s.r.o.) explained the topic of EtherCAT and its application at HiLASE.

Lenka Scholzová (CzechInvest) outlined the possibilities for project funding related to the AI & Digital, EcoTech, Tech4Life, Creative Tech, Space Mobility, and Advanced Tech & Materials technological domains. Martina Řeháková opened the topic of cooperation not only with the HiLASE Centre but also between the participating companies and their representatives.

“I am delighted that we have been able to bring together people who enjoy solving technical problems and challenges. All the case studies and company presentations showed how important collaboration between different disciplines is, that we need to be connected and listen to each other. I am glad that this community of development engineers has been developed around HiLASE,” Martina Řeháková evaluates ROBUSTA.

A thank you is due to all participants and speakers, without whose openness to share and find solutions to a given problem the event would not have such a creative and positive atmosphere.

Further discussion, before the second installment of ROBUSTA takes place, is moving to the online space on Laser Tech Forum. Let’s find the right, functional technological solutions.

A side note about coffee
During the event, a small guessing game took place – participants had to differentiate between Robusta and Arabica coffee beans.
Generally, Arabica beans have a more prolonged shape, while Robusta beans are more rounded. Another hint is the ridge in the middle of the bean. Arabica has a curved one, while Robusta has a straighter line.