October training for Laser Safety Officers (LSO) at HiLASE Centre

The training for Laser Safety Officers took place at the HiLASE Centre on 4. – 6. October 2023.

Alongside Helena Vohníková, laser safety lecturer of the HiLASE Centre and holder of the Certified Laser Safety Officer certification awarded by the Board of Laser Safety, who led the training, leader of control system engineers Jakub Horáček, team leader of Thin Disk Lasers Jiří Mužík, and  Optical Engineer: High Energy Slab Lasers Ondřej Denk, also participated as lecturers and instructors.

During the 2.5 days, participants were trained in the following areas:

  • Legal and other regulations related to laser safety
  • Levels of competence of persons in the field of laser safety (IEC TR 60825-14)
  • Fundamentals of lasers and fibre optics
  • Classification of lasers (EN 60825-1: 2014 including A11:2021)
  • Maximum permissible laser exposure values (NV 291/2015 Coll.), examples of exposure calculations
  • Direct and indirect health effects of radiation
  • How to select suitable laser safety eyewear (EN 207:2017) and protective eyewear for alignment work (EN 208:2009), practical calculations
  • Risks of working with lasers
  • Technical measures
  • Interlocking principles in laser safety
  • Administrative measures
  • Examples of near misses and accidents with lasers
  • Practical part in the laboratory – safe working procedures, laser system alignment

“I very much appreciated the comprehensiveness of the training and most of all I enjoyed the practical part in the laboratory where I practiced setting up the laser system,” says one of the training attendees.

The certificate is valid for 5 years from its issuing.

Do you use Class 3B and Class 4 lasers as part of your work, manufacturing or production activities?
Join the LSO training at the HiLASE Centre!

  • 22. – 24.5.2024
  • 2. – 4.10.2024

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