Physics fairy tale: The Mouse Fur Coat for little scientists

We have prepared a small surprise for the youngest of scientists this International Children’s Day – a physics fairy tale: The Mouse Fur Coat.

What does a physics fairy tale look like? You may already know the story of beautiful princess Lada on the run from the evil wizard Kazisvět. In our version, it is accompanied by scientific windows with our colleague Bc. Lucie Košinová.

She will explain how the spells and magic in the fairy tale work. She will also show you how you can replicate the experiments at home! You can find out how to turn the princess’s rainbow dress into a mouse fur coat, or how to conjure up an infinite army of soldiers.

The fairy tale is available in Czech language. You can watch it in the Czech version of this article or on the HiLASE Centre YouTube channel. Since you will already be in a mood for fairy tales, don’t forget to watch our previous physics fairy tale Long, Wide and Sharp-eyed as well!