Prestigious award for Petr Hauschwitz

Petr Hauschwitz, a member of our team for industrial laser applications, received a prestigious award from the Czech Physical Society in September for research into methods for creating super hydrophobic surfaces with lasers. The other four awards went to scientists from the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Zdeněk Kašpar, Jan Fait, Denis Kubániová and Jan Nikl, who all competed with twenty-six physicists under the age of thirty.

Alice Valkarova, chairwoman of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic and vice-chairwoman of the Czech Physical Society, considers the award a successful start to a career as a scientist. “Whoever received the award in the past, for the most part, never got lost and continued his successful career, as Tomáš Jungwirth was awarded in 1995,” said Valkarova.