PERLA® 100 Versatile thin-disk laser platform for industrial and scientific applications

Laser Micromachining and Surface Structuring Laser Micromachining and Surface Structuring
High energy per pulse allows new beam-splitting techniques resulting in increased efficiency by several orders.
Effective processing of wide range of materials Effective processing of wide range of materials
Composites, ceramics, plastics, highly reflective metals, and alloys (Harmonics modules: 515, 343, 257 nm).
Analytical spectroscopy Analytical spectroscopy
Analytical spectroscopy for medical and biomedical applications due to Optical Parametric Generation.
Laser Induced Damage Threshold Laser Induced Damage Threshold
LIDT under ultrashort high-energy pulses

A unique combination of beam quality and energy per pulse allows to employ techniques such as modern multi-beam micromachining including laser surface structuring, thus improving the processing time by several orders of magnitude.
PERLA® series lasers are compact laser systems based on a thin-disk regenerative amplifier operating at 1030 nm wavelength delivering picosecond pulses with pulse energy of up to 20 mJ* and repetitions rates from 1 to 200 kHz. The product portfolio incorporates wavelength conversion modules with harmonics generation (2nd, 3rd, 4th) and optical parametric amplifier stages (OPA, OPG) that cover the wide range of wavelengths from UV to Mid-IR. Our lasers incorporate an original front-end powered by the GOpico® oscillator seeding the amplifier, a fast pulse picker, advanced stabilization systems, a laser power attenuator, a safety shutter, and a fast, sophisticated industrial automation-based PLC control system allowing precise control and monitoring of the laser. The robust design and thermally stabilized housing guarantee excellent stability and maintenance-free operation.

20 mJ

max. pulse energy

1–200 kHZ

repetition rate

100 W

max. average power

Thin-disk compact laser system PERLA® 100

Why choose HiLASE laser system PERLA® 100

  • Extensive R&D capabilities in process development and optimization
  • Experienced laser design team to customize the laser system for specific applications
  • Reliable product support in cooperation with our industrial partners

Technical specifications

Centre wavelength1030 nm
Average powerMax 100 W
Power stability< 0.5% RMS
Pulse energy Max 20 mJ
Pulse energy stability< 1% RMS
Pulse length1 ps
Repetition rate1–200 kHz
Beam quality (M2)< 1.15
Output polarisationLinear, > 100:1
Output beam diameter~ 3 mm
Dimensions1.3 m × 0.8 m × 0.3 m
* Higher values can be reached by customised products.

Operating requirements

Operating voltage5P/32A/400V
Operating temperature23±1° C
Relative humidity20 – 50 % (non-condensing)

Standard configuration includes

  • Laser Source
  • Pulse picker
  • Attenuators and automatic shutters
  • Control System

Optional features

  • Standard alone regenerative amplifier
  • Customized repetition rate
  • 2nd, 3rd or 4th harmonics stage
  • Mid IR OPA stage

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