Representatives of the HiLASE Centre visited the ALPhANOV technology center in Bordeaux for a short-term internship

Last week, representatives of the HiLASE Centre visited the ALPhANOV Technology Center in Bordeaux, France.
We not only share an interest in lasers, optics, laser technologies, sources and components, but also a common goal of aiming to boost innovation through collaboration between research and industry.


The visit had the character of an intensive short-term internship, with the aim of familiarizing with the strategic management and processes at ALPhANOV. The open discussion on the approach and how to share experiences in e.g. project management, technology transfer, quality and strategic management, regional ecosystem building and industry cluster management in the respective area was a mutual benefit. The programme also included practical demonstrations of technologies and applications in the ALPhANOV laboratories.

The internship programme, which took place from 17 to 20 October 2022, was packed with interesting information, discussions and training from elected experts, management, and the director of the company ALPhANOV (Benoit APPERT-COLLIN).

This was followed by a discussion on potential cooperation and joint involvement of the HiLASE Centre and ALPhANOV in European projects.

Electromobility, sustainable & green economy, micromachining and radiation generation by secondary sources were identified as the most interesting topics. These topics will be further developed within the individual HiLASE and ALPhANOV teams with the aim of preparing joint project applications under Horizon Europe.