See how the summer internships in the HiLASE Centre went Talent Academy

At the end of April, the postponed final of the Talent Academy took place in HiLASE Centre and ELI Beamlines. A total of twelve finalists of this popular competition for talented high school students had the opportunity to work in the state-of-the-art laboratories of both laser centres over three days, and finally presented the results of their projects at a gala conference.

The most skilled of them stayed with us during the summer internships. For example, they worked on testing thin discs and testing fixtures for bonding them in the optical workshop, tried 3D printing and design in the mechanical workshop e.g. printing profile tuning, ABS – acetone post-processing, or measured the etching speed of stainless steel using electrolytic polishing.


This year’s internships are slowly coming to an end and we are looking forward to finding out what our interns have learned.

Would you also like to experience the work of the scientists in the laser centre? We’re currently working on a brand new competition for teams of high school students called the Science Challenge – check our website and social media for details in the fall.