Five reasons to choose PERLA® 100

PERLA® 100 is a compact laser system developed directly in the HiLASE Centre laboratories. It is a 1030 nm thin-disk laser system. PERLA series lasers are based on a thin-disk regenerative amplifier, delivering picosecond pulses from a fiber-front end, with pulse energy up to 20 mJ and repetitions from 1 to 200 kHz. Precise control of the whole device is ensured by a versatile control system.

You will appreciate PERLA® 100 laser system especially if dealing with high harmonic generation, optical parametric generation, laser induced damage threshold (LIDT) and laser micromachining.

Have a look at five main benefits of PERLA 100:

  • Unique combination of energy per pulse and beam quality
  • Great choice for multi-beam micromachining and surface structuring
  • Extra fast process speed and high efficiency using 100s of beams at once
  • Robust design for excellent stability and maintenance free operation
  • Laser source can be modified to fit your application

To learn more, please have a look at the PERLA® 100 handout or at our websites or contact us at



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